Photonics for future chemical sensing

SentroSuite GMP

GmP compliant software suite for instrument control and operation of all SentroPAT systems

Main features

  • Comprehensive data analysis functionality including Moving F-Test, MBSD and RSD calculations
  • Flexible user management incl. support of domain user accounts
  • Full protection of system and result files incl. archiving functions
  • Integrated validation routines according to USP<1119> resp. EP 2.2.40
  • Documented audit trail
  • File encryption / file security
  • Real time prediction for methods generated with Unscrambler X and SIMCA-P (optional)
  • Continuous self- monitoring of the hardware and alarms in an event of critical system state
  • Display of measurements as spectra or trend views of monitored parameters (e.g. model / method output)
  • Full communication and control of the system by OPC (option to be ordered separately)
  • Optional interfaces to SiPAT (Siemens), SynTQ (Optimal Ltd.) and PharmaMV (Perceptive Engineering Ltd.)


Owen Rehrauer
Tel. +1 (781) 859-8483