Photonics for future chemical sensing

SentrOxy aDO series

Optical DO sensors for water quality management and aquaculture applications.

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SentrOXY aDO-60

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You expectWe offer
High reliability and availabilitySmart autonomous systems
 Optical sensor technologies
Confidence that everything worksComprehensive self-monitoring - Status information in the field
Simple but safe controlPre-parameterizable control sets and operation modes – Set /Mode selection and activation in the field
Lowest maintenance costsSensor adjustment in < 2 minutes
 Replacement of sensitive disposable cap in < 1 minute
 For maintenance no disconnect from the field installation needed
Flexible to integrate into your systemRS485 with Modbus * 2x 0/4-20mA * Actor I/Os
 Ready for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms
Safe, easy and fast installationInstall with factory settings first, then configure the whole device using the interface
 Installations have never been easier.

Application areas 
Aquaculture Industry Hatcheries
 On-growing facilities
 Live fish transportation
Waste water treatment plants activated sludge
 effluent control
 influent control
Drinking water systems status monitoring
 oxygen enrichment
 corrosion protection
 waterworks sludge
Environmental monitoringShallow coastal areas with significant algal blooms
 Fjords and other areas with limited exchange of water
 Monitoring of mine or dredging waste
 Water quality monitoring in rivers, lakes, surface and ground water

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